spaal’ yuhi’lum’ – Raven falls

spaal’ yuhi’lum’
Raven falls

’utl’ Sti’tum’at
Ruby Peter

thqet: thi-i-i tsun thqet.
Tree: I am a big tree.

sum’shathut: ’een’thu sum’shathut.
Sun: I am the sun.

stsuhwum: ’i’ ’een’thu stsuhwum.
Wind: And I am a big wind.

spaal’: nu stl’i’ kw’unus lhakw’ xwte’ ’u thu sum’shathut.
Raven: I want to fly to the Sun.

stsuhwum: nem’ tsun tse’ paathamu nemustamu.
Wind: I will blow and bring you there.

paatum ’utl’ stsuhwum tthu spaal’ ni’ ’u tthu nets’uw’t-hw ’i ’ nuw’ lhtsiws ’ul’.
The wind blows raven, who flies around the room until he is tired.

sum’shathut: hey’ewulh. nem’ tsun wulh thhwathut.
Sun: Good-bye, I am going to disappear now!

spaal’: ’i tsun yuhi’lum’!
Raven: I am falling!

thqet: ’uw’ kwunnamu tsun tse’!
Tree: I will catch you!

suw’ se’tum ‘utl’ thqet tthu t’eluw’s hulitum spaal’ kwus yuhi’lum’.
The tree raises his arms to save the falling raven.

ni’ hay. hay ch q’a’.
The end. Thank you.


Story & voice: Ruby Peter

Text editing: Donna Gerdts

Sound recording: Thomas Jones

Clip art: Joan Brown

Video editing: Donna Gerdts


Story: RavenFalls