tthu xelu skweyul ’utl’ suli tth’amuqw’us | Sully Sasquatch’s special day

tthu xelu skweyul ’utl’ suli tth’amuqw’us
Sully Sasquatch’s special day
By Gina Salazar and Ruby Peter

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The Story

(1) yath ’uw’ huy’thusta’lum’ ’u tthu s’ul-hween tst, xwixwi’am’usta’lum’ ’u tthu tth’amuqw’us kwus ’i ’u tun’a quw’utsun’.
Our elders always share information about the sasquatch in our Quw’utsun’ territory.

(2) ts’uhwule’ ’i’ ’uy’st-hwus kws xi’xlhem’ut-s tthu mustimuhw ni’ t’it’ulum’, qw’uyul’ush.
Sometimes he likes watching people singing and dancing.

(3) ’u kwsus ts’elhum’utus tthu st’ilum’ sus nem’ ’uw’ t-suthut tthu suli.
When he heard them singing, Sully would approach.

(4) ha’ ni’ hwiine’mutus tthu t’it’ulum’ qw’uyul’ush sus ’uw’ tel tthu sxun’us kwakwuhwshe’num’ ’i’ tthu sxuy’usth hwihwusutus kwus hwiine’mutus.
He would hear them singing and dancing and his feet would start tapping and his head would start shaking to the sound.

(7) xi’xlhe’mutum’ ’utl’ suli tthu mustimuhw kwus ’i’lhtun’ ’u tthuw’ swe’s s’ulhtuns, nilh sus ’uw’ tam’mutus tl’e’.
Sully would watch the people eating their food, and he would really crave some.

(8) yath ’uw’ hwiine’mutum ’utl’ suli tthu q’uwut ’i’ tthu t’it’ulum’ ni’ ’u tthu thi lelum’.
Sully always heard the loud drumming and singing at the bighouse.

(9) ’i’ hay ’ul’ ’uy’st-hwus kwus hwiine’mutus tthu quw’utsun’ mustimuhw kwus hiiw’a’lum’ ’u tthu sluhel’.
He loved watching the Quw’utsun’ people play bonegame.

(10) sht’eewun’ tthu suli, “nan ’uw’ ’iyus tthu suw’a’lum’!
Sully thought to himself, “This game look so fun!

(11) nu stl’i’ kwunus tl’uw’ huw’a’lum’.”
I wish I could play too.”

(12) tthu ni’ t’it’ulum’ q’uw’utum’ suw’ sht’eewun’mutum ’utl’ suli kws hays ’ul’ ’iyus.
The people singing and drumming seemed to be so fun to Sully.

(13) xi’xlhe’mutum’ ’utl’ suli tthu stl’ul’iqulh kwus tetul’ ’u tthu suw’a’lum’ ni’ ’u tthu xal’qthut sus ’uw’ ’iyus ’ul’.
Sully watched the kids playing games on the tv and saw how excited they were.

(14) hay ’ul’ ’uy’stum ’utl’ suli kwus ha’qwun’uhwus tthu stseelhtun, ni’ sts’ey’hwul’s.
Sully loved the scent of the salmon drying.

(15) sus tl’uw’ stl’i’ kws ten’hws tthu stseelhtun ni’ s’a’kw’us kwus ts’ey’hwtum’, sq’i’laam’.
And he liked the smell of the preserved salmon hanging up to dry.

(16) “nuts’ehw ’ul’ p’e’ kwunus t’en’hwt tthu sts’uy’hw stseelhtun!” sht’eewun’ tthu suli.
“Just one taste of the smoked salmon!” Sully thought.

(17) nuts’a’ skweyul ’i’ xi’xlhem’utum’ ’utl’ suli tthu mustimuhw kwus yu hwukw’ustus tthu thqet nem’ nuw’ushum ’u tthu lelum’.
One day Sully saw the people dragging a tree into the house.

(18) sus ’uw’ sht’eewun’, “’i ’a’lu q’u tsukwsta’mut?”
Sully thought, “What’s going on?”

(19) ni’ lemutum ’utl’ suli tthu thqet ’i’ ni’ thuytum sus ’uw’ hay ’ul’ ’uw’ hwu ’uy’uy’mut kwus wulh saay’stum.
Suli looked at how the tree was fixed up and it was decorated really beautifully.

(20) le’lum’utus tthu s’ul-hween s’i’tth’um’ ’u tthu tskwim, ni’ yu lhelhuq’utus tthu syuxtsa’ stl’pal’we’lh ’u tthu thqet.
He saw an old guy dressed in red, laying presents under the tree.

(21) ’uy’ shqwaluwun ’utl’ suli, suw’ sht’eewun’, “tl’uw’ nu stl’i’ kwunus kwun’nuhw kw’unu syuxtsa’.
Sully was delighted and he thought, “I wish I could also receive a present.”

(22) nuts’a’ snet kwus wulh ’itut tthu suli ’i’ wulh tth’i’hwuthut ’utl’ xeel’s, “tth’ihwum lhu, xeel’s, ’i’ hwu st’estam’sh ch ’u tthu ni’ le’lum’uteen’ ’u kw’ nuts’a’ skweyul.
One night before Sully went to bed, he asked Xeel’s, “Please transform me to be like them for just one day.

(23) nu stl’i’ kwunus tul’nuhw tthu ni’ sht’ees kwus hay ’ul’ ’iyus tthu ni’ lumnuhween’.”
I want to know what it’s like to be happy like what I’ve seen.”

(24) sus ’uw’ thu’it ’uw’ ts’elhum’utum ’utl’ xeel’s tthu st’i’wi’ulh ’utl’ suli ni’ stth’itthu’hwuthut-s.
And Xeel’s actually heard Sully’s request.

(25) ni’ wulh le’lum’utum’ ’utl’ xeel’s kws ’uy’s stl’i’tl’qulh tthu suli.
He saw that Sully was a good kid.

(26) yath ’uw’ hwiinem’ ’u thu tens, ts’ets’uw’utus tthu ts’lhstl’ul’iqulhs, ’i’ yath tl’uw’ yu ’ey’itus tthu hwthuthiqut.
He always listened to his mom, he always helped the other children, and he always showed respect for the forest.

(27) nem’ ’uw’ lhakw’ tthu xeel’s nem’ ’amustum tthu suli ’u tthu ni’ st’iim’s ni’ ’u tthu st’i’wi’ulh.
Xeel’s flew down and granted Sully’s prayer.

(28) qul’et netulh kwus wulh hwuy tthu suli, wulh tth’uykw’thut.
Next morning, Sully woke up, and he was surprised.

(29) “o.o.o muy! tl’lim’ tsun ’uw’ tth’alhum’!
“Oh my! I am very cold!

(30) o.o.o muy! ’i tsun hwu tl’utl’iits’umutth’!
Oh my! I am very short!

(31) o.o.o muy! ’e’ut hwu ’uwu te’ nu qwinuws!
Oh my! I am very hairless!

(32) a.a.a! ’e’ut hwu mumun’lh tthunu sxun’u!”
Ah! My feet are tiny!”

(33) sht’eewun’, “nihw ’a’lu nutsim’ nush ’i hwi’ tth’alhum’?”
He thought, “Why I’m I suddenly so cold?”

(34) tul’numut suli kws ’uwu te’s ni’ she’itun ’u tthu smustimuhws.
Sully realized that he had human hair.

(35) yelh sus tul’nuhwus kwus hwu mustimuhw, hwu swuy’qe’ mustimuhw.
And then he realized that he had transformed into a human, a male human.

(36) ts’uy’ulhnamut, “hay ch q’a’, xeel’s! hay ch q’a’!”
He gave thanks, “Thank you, Xeel’s, thank you!”

(37) suw’ sht’eewun’ tthu suli, “’uy’ kwunus tl’uhwtsunum.
So, Sully thought, “I’d better cover myself up.

(38) nu stl’i’ kwunus ’itth’um’.”
I need to get dressed.”

(39) sus nem’ ’uw’ t’ahw tun’ni’ ’u tthu tsa’luqw xwte’ tl’lhumlhumuluts’.
So, he went down the mountain going to Clemclem.

(40) nem’ xwte’ ’u tthu lelum’s tthu mustimuhw, yath ’uw’ xi’xlhem’utus.
He went to the house of the people, where he was always watching.

(41) wulh lumnuhwus tthu s’a’kw’us stth’xwulwutum ni’ ’u tthu shq’uq’uwul’wutum.
He saw some clothes hanging on the clothesline.

(42) “a.a.a, ’uy’! ni’ tsun ts’twa’ stl’atl’um’.”
“Oh, great! Maybe these will fit me.”

(43) sus ’uw’ ’itth’um’ tthuw’nilh.
And he put them on.

(44) nem’ ’u tthu shhwul’mastun ’i’ lemutus.
He went over to the window and looked.

(45) “o.o.o, ’i ’uwu te’ p’e’ lhwet ’a’mut!
“Oh, there’s nobody at home!

(46) niihw nem’ tseelhtun.”
They must have gone fishing.”

(47) sus ’uw’ ni’ ’ul’ tthuw’nilh, nem’ nuw’ilum.
So, he just went there and went in.

(48) suw’ kwuyxtus tthu xal’qthut.
He went over to the TV.

(49) ’uy’st-hwus tthu ni’ lumnuhwus.
He liked what he saw.

(50) kwuyxtus tthu suw’a’lum’ ni’ huw’a’lum’ ’u tthu st’eekw’ yuse’lu tintun.
He played computer games for over two hours.

(51) “nu suw’ st’eewun’ kwus wulh tl’am!”
“I think that is enough!”

(52) hwun’ xut’u ’i wulh ts’elhum’ ’u tthu q’uwut ni’ ’u tthu thi lelum’.
Sully heard the drums at the big house.

(53) xwchenum nem’ lemutus ’iihw ’a’lu tsukwsta’mut tthu q’uwutum’.
He ran over to see what was going on.

(54) ’a.a.a ’i wulh huwu’a’lum’ ’u tthu sluhel’.
There was a bonegame starting.

(55) sht’eewun’, “’uy’ kwunus nem’ tl’uw’ q’a’thut huw’a’lum’.
And he thought, “It would be great to join in a game.

(56) nem’ tus ’i wulh thu’it ’uw’ wulh thuythut tthu sluhel’.
He got there and there was actually a game setting up.

(57) hay ’ul’ ’uw’ ’uy’ shqwaluwun hiil’ukw tthu suli.
And Sully was very excited.

(58) sus ’uw’ ’umut q’a’thut ’u tthu mustimuhw, sus ’uw’ hwkwetsusutum ’u tthu sluhel’.
Sully sat down and joined a team.

(59) sus ’uw’ hwkwetsusutum ’u tthu sluhel’.
And he covered up the bones.

(60) sus ’uw’ kwuy’xtus tthuw’nilh tthu sluhel’ ni’ kwune’tus.
And he was shaking the bones that he was holding.

(61) t’emutum tthu suli ’i’ ’uwu niis yu kwun’num’.
They guessed on Sully, but they didn’t get him.

(62) ni’ ’uw’ shtatul’stum ’utl’ suli ’uw’ niis tsehwtsel’ tthu t’et’um’ul’s.
Sully knew which way they would guess.

(63) tl’lim’ nuw’ qw’uyul’ushum’ ’utl’ suli tthu sluhel’, qw’uyulush ’u tthu st’ilums tthu sluhel’.
Sully was really making the bones dance, dancing to the bonegame song.

(64) sus ’uw’ yu kwi’kwul’shus tthu sluhel’.
And he hid the bones.

(65) ’uwu niis yu kwun’num’, yu qwi’qwuxw ’u tthu t’et’um’ul’s.
And they didn’t get him but guessed wrong.

(66) lhew’ qwixwutum tthu suli ’u tthu nutse’ehw, thume ’i’ nuw’ tus ’ul’ ’u tthu slhhwelhs kwus qwixwutum, lhew’.
Sully got away once, and then twice, and the third time.

(67) ni’ ’u tthu sxuthunelhs kwus lhew’ ’i’ ni’ wulh t’ilum ’u tthu s-hitelqlh.
Sully got away the fourth time, and he started to sing the bonegame song.

(68) hay ’ul’ ’uw’ tl’itlhwun’eq tthu suli.
Sully was the big winner that day.

(69) hay ’ul’ hiil’ukw tthu suli kwus luhel’namut wulh hay hith kwus xi’xlhem’ yelh sus huw’a’lum’namut.
It was very thrilling for Sully to finally play bonegame having watched for so long before he managed to play.

(70) ’i’ hay ’ul’ ’uw’ stth’utth’ekw’ kwus hay ’ul’ kwus t’un’usnuhwus tthu hay ’ul’ hwsluhel’ mustimuhw.
He felt amazed to sit with the bonegame people.

(71) kwus wulh nem’hwu’alum’ tthu suli ’u tthu lelum’ ’i’ wulh kw’ey’ sus ’uw’ suw’q’lhenum ’u tthu shni’s tthu s’ulhtun.
Sully returned to the house and he was getting hungry so he looked around in the pantry.

(72) haqwnuhwus tthu sq’i’lu stseelhtun.
He could smell the smoked salmon.

(73) kwus hwun’a’ q’ikw’utum ’utl’ suli tthu sq’i’lu stseelhtun ’i’ hay ’ul’ ’uw’ stth’utth’eq’ ’u tthu ni’ t’en’hwus s’ulhtun.
One bite of the smoked salmon and Sully was extremely amazed with the taste of the treat.

(74) wulh lumnuhw ’utl’ suli tthu suw’a’lum’ ni’ ’u tthu lhuxunuptun.
Sully saw the toys on the floor.

(75) ’uwu niis le’shum ’u kwthu shhwunum’uste’wut.
They were not put away where they belong.

(76) sht’eewun’ tthu suli, “niihw ’a’lu nutsim’ kws ’uwus niis s’a’lhstum’ tthu ni’ s’a’muste’wut ’u kwthu swuy’qe’ s’itth’um ’u tthu tskwim?”
Sully wondered, “Why aren’t the gifts that the red suit man gave to them not being treated properly?”

(77) xlhul’tslh tthuw’nilh suli huw’a’lum’ ’u tthey’ s’uw’a’lum’’i’ nuw’ ’iyusst-hwus kwus hiiw’a’lum’.
Sully felt sad about the toys and started playing with them and really enjoyed that.

(78) ni’ wulh hith hwune’unt ’i’ ni’ wulh nem’ lhtsiws tthuw’nilh suli.
It was getting late and Sully got tired.

(79) wulh nuqw tthuw’nilh suli wulh hwuni’nsum ’utl’ xeel’s, squlquluthuns.
Sully fell asleep as Xeel’s came into his dream.

(80) suw’ thut-stum, “tthu nuwu tl’i’tl’qulh ch tth’amuqw’us, nan ch p’uw’ ’uy’ tthu ni’ ’un’ sht’e kw’un’s ’i’mush.
He said, “You, young sasquatch, you have been so good on your adventure.

(81) nus nuw’ ’aanthamu, ’amusthamu ’u tthu ni’ t’iituhw.
I have honored you and granted you your wish.

(82) nem’s ch kwu’elh wulh hwu’alum’ ’u tthuw’ ’un’ swe’ ’un’ lelum’.
Now you must return to your own home.

(83) ni’ ch kwu’elh tul’nuhw tthu ni’ ’un’ sht’e, st’e ’uw’ niis xelu tthu ni’ shtuhim’.
You must realize that you are unique just the way you are.

(84) ni’ stl’atl’um’ kwun’s ’uw’ ’uy’stuhw ’ul’ tthu ni’ wulh ’un’ sht’e, tthu ni’ ’un’ shkwun’neem’.
You’d better enjoy the way you are, the things you possess.

(85) ’i’ ’uy’ kwun’s ’uw’ ’uy’stuhw tthu ni’ s’amusthamut ni’ kwun’etuhw ’i’ ’uw’ xelu ’i’ stl’atl’um’ kwuns’ ’uw’ ts’uy’ulh ’ul’ kw’un’s ni’ st’ee kw’ nets’.”
You need to enjoy the gifts that you have—treasure how special you are and appreciate your differences.”

(86) ni’ ’u kwthey’ ’i’ ni’ hwu’alum’ tthu suli ’utl’ ts’uw’xilum smeent.
And then Sully returned to Mount Tzouhalem.

(87) kwus wulh qul’et netulh ’i’ ni’ hwuy tthu suli ni’ ’u tthu shqwuhi’wun’ lelum’s.
Next morning, Sully work up in his cave home.

(88) thxutum ’u thu tens, thut-stum, “mun’u, stl’atl’um’ kwun’s hwaythut!
His mom nudged him and said, “Son, time to wake up!

(89) m’i xlhas ’u tthu shnetulhqun,” thut-stum.
Come eat breakfast,” she said.

(90) hwtulqun, “’uy’, te’.”
Sully answered, “Okay, Mom.”

(91) ’i’ ’uw’ ’uy’ ’ul’ shqwaluwuns ’u kwthu ni’ sht’ee kw’ lumnuhwus ’u kwthu nuts’a’ skweyul.
And he was very happy for all that he had seen in that one day.

(92) ’umut tthuw’nilh suli, lemutus tthu sxun’us.
Sully got up and looked down at his feet.

(93) “tsunee! ’e’ut tuw’ thithu tthunu sxun’u!
“Hey! My feet are big!

(94) ’i’ ’i tsun ’uw’ tl’ehwum’ ’i’ tuw’ stl’atl’um’.”
And I am nice and warm.”

(95) sus ’uw’ hwu st’ee kw’ ’uy’ shqwaluwun ’utl’ suli kwus tth’amuqw’us.
Sully felt glad to be a sasquatch.

(96) suw’ ’i’ hwu ’uwus tl’i’s ’u kws hwu nets’s.
And he didn’t want to be something different.

(97) sis ’uw’ ’uy’ shqwaluwuns kwsus st’ee kw’ s’amustewut ’utl’ xeel’s.
And he was very happy for the gift that Xeel’s gave him.

(98) ni’ hay. hay ch q’a’.
The end. Thank you.