susiwul’ tu tsiitmuhw | Owl’s warning

A true story about heeding the warning from the owl.

Blake and Jack participated in the workshop s’aa’lh shtutul’na’mut | Through our eyes at Ladysmith Secondary School, Ladysmith, British Columbia, in 2015.

susiwul’ tu tsiitmuhw | Owl’s warning

by Blake Seymour, Jack Seymour, Ruby Peter, and George Seymour

My name is Blake Seymour. I am from Stz’uminus.
My name is Jack Seymour. I am from Stz’uminus.

1. ni tsam ’u tthu smumunt tthu men tst ’i’ tthu shhwum’nikw tstulh ’u tthu nuts’a’ skweyul.
One day, our dad (George Seymour) and our late uncle (Desmond Daniels) went up the mountain.

2. ni’ wulh nem’ hwu ’unwulh ’u thu smeent kwus yu tsakwum’ yul’a’ulh ’u tthu pusukuls ’eelhtun.
They were far up in the middle of the mountain riding their bicycles.

3. ’i’ wulh siwulstum ’utl’ tsiitmuhw hwi’ kwukwtsem’ lhalhukw’ sel’tstum’.
And an owl started to screech and fly in circles around them, alerting them.

4. sis ’uw’ si’si’ tthu shqwaluwuns tthu men tst ’i’ hwthtiwun kws nem’s hwu ’eyul.
Then our dad said he had a weird feeling and thought they had better leave.

5. sis ’uw’ ts’ulqun yu’ula’ulh ’u thu puysukuls ’eelhtun nem’ tl’upqenum ’u thu smeent.
So they turned back and raced down the mountain.

6. wulh tul’nuhws ’eelhtun kwus yu tsukwul’etum’ ’u tthu spe’uth.
As soon as they took off, a bear starting running after them.

7. ’i’ tl’lim’ nuw’ yu tl’epqe’num ’eelhtun.
They headed straight down the mountain.

8. kwus wulh tus ’u kwthu stl’piqun ’i’ nuw’ hwun’ yu tsukwul’etum’ ’u kwthu spe’uth.
When they got to the bottom, the bear was still following them.

9. tus ’u tu sta’luw’ sis nem’ ’uw’ shaqwul ’eelhtun yu suse’st-hwus thu puysukuls.
They came to a river and held up their bicycles to cross it.

10. kwsus wulh hun’shaqw sis ’uw’ lemutus ’eelhtun ’i’ lumnuhwus tthu spe’uth hwu’alum’ ni’ ’u tthu shlhq’a’th.
When they had safely arrived on the other side of the river, they looked back to see the bear walking back and forth watching them.

11. yelh sus kwe’tum ’utl’ spe’uth.
But it left them alone.

12. hay ’ul’ ’uy’ shqwaluwuns kwthu men tst ’i’ kwthu shhwum’nikw tstulh xwte’ ’u lhu tsiitmuhw ni’ siwulstuhw ’u kwthu spe’uth.
Our dad and our late uncle were really glad the owl warned them about the bear.

13. hay ch q’u, tsiitmuhw! ni’ hay!
Thank you, Owl! The end.


Story & Art by Blake and Jack Seymour

Hul’q’umi’num’ translation– Ruby Peter and George Seymour

Hul’q’umi’num’ voice – George Seymour

Sound – Donna Gerdts | Thomas Jones

Clip art – Joan Brown

Music – Thomas Jones

Video –Donna Gerdts | Sally Hart