tthu hwquluwun spaal’ – The Angry Raven

tthu hwquluwun spaal’ 
The Angry Raven 
By Gina Salazar and Ruby Peter

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Hammy the Angry Raven:hwquluwun spaal’
Mama Bear: spe’uth ten
Teacher Wise Owl:shlhetth’ul tsiitmuhw hw’iiw’tssun’uq
Sister Hummingbird:shuyulh sxwut’ts’uli
Papa Raven:mens spaal’


(1) hemi nilh hwquluwun spaal’ ’i’ tthu suw’a’lum’s compoutu,
Hammy the Angry Raven and his computer games,

(2) we’ tthu ts’lhhwulmuhws ’i’ ni’ tl’uw’ xiq kwsus skw’ey kws tul’nuhws tthu
ni’ tatul’utus.
it even affects his family and his ability to concentrate in class. 

(3) ’uwu te’ stem ni’ tul’nuhwus.
He couldn’t learn anything.


(4) tun’a sqwul’qwul’ ’i’ nilh tthu hwquluwun xut’ustum’ hemi spaal’ yath ’uw’
This story is about Hammy the Angry Raven who always played games.

(5) ’uwu kws hwiineem’s ’u thu tens spe’uth ’i’ thu hw’iw’tssun’uq tsiitmuhw.
yath ’ul’ ’uw’ t’et’iyuq’ tthuw’nilh hemi spaal’.
He didn’t listen too well to his Mama Bear, and his Wise Owl teacher got too
overwhelmed with Hammy Raven’s anger issues.

(6) ’uw’ thu’it stsuw’et tthuw’nilh hemi spaal’.
Hammy Raven is wonderfully smart.

(7) hay ’ul’ ’uy’st-hwus tthuw’nilh tthu xut’ustum’ pitsu.
He loves to eat pizza.

(8) ’uy’st-hwus kws ’ula’ulhs ’u thu puysukuls.
He loves to ride his bike.

(9) yath tl’uw’ kwun’atul’ ’u tthu mens, spaal’.
He also always spends time with his Papa Raven.

(10) nuts’a’ skweyul ’i’ wulh hwthtiwun kws lemut-s tthu xut’ustum’ kumpoutu,
kwthu suw’a’lum’.
One day Hammy Raven decided to look into the popular games on
his computer.

(11) ’i’ wulh kwunnuhwus tthu hay ’ul’ ’uy’st-hwus suw’a’lum’.
And he found a game that he really liked.

(12) hwun’ xut’u ’i’ ni’ wulh tl’lim’ ’uw’ t-hwhay ’ul’ shna’us tthey’
After a while, he became overly focused on this game.

(13) nuw’ t-hwhay ’ul’ ni’ sul’uthut-s kwsus hiiw’a’lum’ ni’ ’u tthey’, hay ’ul’
qux tintun sus ’uw’ hwu mel’qtus tthu shni’s ni’ hwu luplupum’ tthu
He was spending so many hours on his game that his nest became messy.

(14) we’ tthu stl’qeens ’i’ nuw’ hwu nets’ ’ul’.
Even his feathers were different.

(15) wulh qwulstum ’u thu tens spe’uth, “’uy’ kwun’s thuyula’qwum ’u kwun’
shni’, hami spaal’.”
Mama Bear said, “You’d better clean up your nest, Hammy Raven.”

(16) yu hwqwi’qwul’een’u tthu hemi spaal’ ’i’ nilhulh ’uw’ xwum ’ul’ kws
thuyula’qwum ’u tthu shni’s.
Hammy Raven would grumble and quickly clean up his nest.

(17) pte’mutum ’u thu tens, “xwum ’u ch ’i’ tuw’ ’iput tthun’ shlhakwuls?”
Mama Bear asked, “Can you brush your beak?”

(18) hay ’ul’ ’uw’ wulshuq’ tthuw’nilh hemi spaal’ ’i’ ni’ thulh ’uw’ ’iputus tthu
Hammy Raven would sigh and go quickly brush his beak.

(19) wulh thut-stum ’u tthu spe’uth tens, “’e’ut wulh saay’ tthu shhwune’untqun.”
Mama bear told him, “Supper is ready.”

(20) nan ’uw’ hay ’ul’ tthu suw’a’lum’ ni’ shnu’as tthu shqwaluwuns suw’ ’uwus
niis tl’lim’ ’uw’ ’ulhtun.
Hammy Raven was so focused on his games that he didn’t even eat.

(21) ’uwu niis hith ’i’ ni’ hwi’ kw’ey’ tthu hemi spaal’ sus ’uw’ tsqul’qul’u.
It wasn’t long before Hammy Raven became hungry and thirsty.

(22) we’ kws nem’s tseelhtun ’i’ ni’ tl’uw’ hay.
He even quit going salmon fishing.

(23) nuts’a’ skweyul ’i’ wulh pte’mutum ’u tthu mens, spaal’,
One day, Papa Raven asked him,

(24) “mun’u, ’ilhe’ nem’ yu ’um’mush!”
“Son, let’s go hunting!”

(25) hwi’ thut-st-hwus tthu mens, “’uwu, ’uwu nu stl’i’us kwunus nem’ yu
’um’mush ’u tun’a kweyul.”
Hammy Raven said to Papa, “No, I don’t feel like hunting today.”

(26) thut-stum ’u tthu mens spaal’, “nilh q’u nuw’ hay ’ul’ ’uw’ tl’i’ tun’a kwun’s
shtatul’nuhw sht’es kwun’s nem’s yu ’um’mush.”
Papa Raven said, “This is very important for you to learn how to go

(27) hwmutth’unqintus tthu mens spaal’, hwi’ thut-st-hwus, “’uwu tsun niin’
He lied to Papa Raven, saying, “I’m not well.

(28) ’i tsun tuw’ q’aq’i’.”
I’m sick.”

(29) xtsuthut tthu tsi’tsut spaal’ sus ’uw’ huye’ nem’ ’uw’ yu ’um’mush ’i’ ’uwu
te’ ’utl’ hemi spaal’.
So, Papa Raven decided to go hunting without Hammy Raven.

(30) kwus wulh huye’s tthu mens spaal’ ’i’ hwi’ wulh ’utl’qul ’u tthu lelum’
After Papa Raven leaves, Hammy Raven gets out of his nest,

(31) ’i’ wulh nilh tl’uw’ suw’ hiw’a’lum’ ’u tthey’ suw’a’lum’s.
and starts playing his games.

(32) hwi’ t’eyuq’ tthuw’nilh hemi spaal’.
Hammy Raven gets angry.

(33) wulh kwunutus mukw’ tthu suw’a’lum’s ’i’ wunwenshus, mukw’ ’untsu
shnem’s nemust-hwus kwus wenshus.
And he starts throwing his toys around everywhere.

(34) sus ’uw’ yu ya’yukw’um’ ’u tthey’ ni’ lelum’s t’amun.
And wrecking his nest’s walls.

(35) sus ’uw’ thut-stum ’iye’qtum tthu nuhiimut-s hwquluwun spaal’.
Hammy’s new reputation is “Angry Raven”. 

(36) ’i’ nilh thu shhw’aqw’a’s, sxwut’ts’uli, nilh sun’tl’e’.
Sister Hummingbird is Hammy Raven’s older sister.

(37) hay ’ul’ ’uyaas tthey’ shhw’aqw’a’s, sxwut’ts’uli.
Sister Hummingbird is very beautiful.

(38) yathulh ’uw’ hiths kwun’atul’s ’u thu shhw’aqw’a’s, sxwut’ts’uli.
Hammy Raven used to spend a lot of time with Sister Hummingbird.

(39) pte’mutum ’u thu shhw’aqw’a’s sxwut’ts’uli, pte’mutum tthu hemi spaal’,
Sister Hummingbird asked Hammy Raven, 

(40) “m’i ch tse’ xlhem’ut thu xal’qthut kwun’atul’ ’utl’ ’een’thu,” thut-stum ’u
thu shhw’aqw’a’s?”
“Come watch a movie with me.”

(41) wulh thut-stum ’utl’ hemi spaal’, “’uwu, ’i tsun nan ’uw’ tituya’xw ’u tthunu
Hammy Raven replied, “No, I am busy with my games.”

(42) suw’ huye’ sxwut’ts’uli shhw’aqw’a’s nem’ hwu’alum’ nem’ ’u tthu swe’
shni’s yu xulhul’tslh.
Sister Hummingbird just went back to her nest feeling sad. 

(43) kwus nem’ skwoukwul’ tthu hemi spaal’ ’i’ hwi’ nan ’uw’ lhtsiws skw’ey
kws xtsuthut-s.
At school, Hammy Raven was too tired to concentrate.

(44) nilh kws yaths ’uw’ ’a’mut ’u tthu hay ’ul’ hiths snet hiiw’a’lum’ ’u tthey’
kompoutu suw’a’lum’.
This was because he was up late playing computer games.

(45) hwi’ skw’ey kws hwiine’s ’u tthu ni’ tatul’ut ni’ shtatul’ute’wut.
He had no patience to listen to the lessons.

(46) tsiitmuhw hw’iw’tssun’uq xut’ustum’ tthu hemi spaal’ ’uw’ ’uy’us kws
hwineem’s ’i’ ’uwu nilhus kws t’et’iyuq’s ni’ ’u tthu shni’s kws
Wise Owl Teacher would remind Hammy Raven to focus and not to get too
angry in class.

(47) wulh ’uwu kws hwiineem’s tthu hemi spaal’.
Hammy Raven wouldn’t listen.

(48) tthey’ ni’ shnu’asth suw’a’lum’ ’i’ stl’atl’um’ tul’newut ’utl’ hemi spaal’
nilh suw’ tahw ’ul’ suw’a’lum’s.
Hammy Raven needs to learn that computer games are just a toy. 

(49) nilh tl’i’s kws thuyula’qum tthu shni’s lelum’ ’i’ kws yath ’uw’ ’iput tthu
What’s important is cleaning his nest and keeping up with his beak brushing.

(50) ’uwu nilhus tl’i’stum tthey’, ’uwu niis st’e’ ’u tthu yu ’um’mush ’i’ kwun’s
tse’tsululhtun’ kwun’atul’ ’u kwthu mens spaal’.
They are not an important activity like hunting and fishing with his Papa

(51) nilh tl’i’s kwun’s kwun’atul’ ’u thu shhw’aqw’a’s sxwut’ts’uli.
What’s important is spending time with his sister Hummingbird.

(52) kwthu hay ’ul’ ni’ tl’i’ ’i’ nilh thu tsiitmuhw hw’iw’tssun’uq kws tatul’ut-s
tthu ni’ s’amustewut sniw’ ’i’ kws he’kw’me’t-s.
What’s important is listening to his Wise Owl Teacher and learning to
embrace the wisdom he was given to remember.

(53) ’uw’ thu’it stsuw’et tthuw’nilh hemi spaal’.
Hammy Raven is wonderfully smart.

(54) nilh shni’s ’i’ ni’ tul’nuhwus kwsus suw’ tl’ul’im’ tthu shhwuw’welis.
He realizes that his parents are right.

(55) nilh hay ’ul’ tl’i’ kws hwiineem’s ’u thu tens spe’uth ’i’ kws hwiineem’s ’u
tthu mens spaal’ kws yaths ’uw’ sthuthi’st-hwus tthu shqwaluwuns ’u tthu
What’s important is listening to his Mama Bear, listening to Papa
Raven, and respecting his parents. 

(56) thuytum ’utl’ hemi tthu shsaay’s sht’es kws hiiw’a’lum’s.
So Hammy fixes up his behaviour, and he limits the amount of time that he
spends playing computer games. 

(57) nilh shni’s ’i’ ni’ hay kws nans ’uw’ hwquluwun.
And now Hami is not an Angry Raven anymore.

(58) ni’ ’uw’ hwu ’iyus ’ul’ spaal’.
Now he is a Happy Raven.

(59) ni’ hay. hay tseep q’u.
The end. Thank you all.